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Greystones Offshore Windfarm

Cobra and Flotation Energy are proud to be partners on the Greystones Offshore Windfarm which has a nominal capacity of 1,200 MW. That’s enough to power over 1,120,000 households.

It will also contribute to The Irish Government’s commitment to:

  • generate 7 GW of power from offshore wind by 2030

  • each net zero by 2050.

It is located approximately 17.5km from the Dublin and Wicklow coastline.

up to
1,200 MW
minimum nominal capacity

Annually offsets at least
tonnes of CO2

55 and 66
fixed bottom wind turbines

About the partners

Cobra and Flotation Energy are Joint Venture project partners for Greystones Offshore Windfarm which has nominal capacity of 1,200 MW.

Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios, S.A. (Cobra)
Cobra is a world leader in the development, construction and management of industrial infrastructure and energy projects, with 80 years of experience. Cobra is a worldwide reference with the capacity and determination to develop, create and operate industrial and energy infrastructures that require a high level of service, based on excellence in integration, technological innovation and financial strength.

Flotation Energy

Flotation Energy, headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland, sits at the heart of the energy transition. It’s determined to support the big switch to sustainable, clean and affordable energy through the application of innovative offshore wind technology.

An ambitious offshore wind developer, Flotation Energy has a 13GW portfolio that covers both fixed and floating developments globally, with projects in the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan and Australia. Whilst Flotation Energy develops projects independently, it also recognises the strategic value of partnership and collaboration to deliver proven, cost-effective solutions.


Wherever possible we consult with our local communities, local businesses, elected members, regulators and other key stakeholders to receive feedback and help shape our plans. We work with local media and identify multiple channels to help promote our projects and engage with as wide an audience as possible, in the planning and delivery of our programme.


Delivering Net Zero

Our project will play an integral role in achieving the Irish Government’s ambitious targets set out in The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development (Amendment) Bill 2020. The Bill aims to make Ireland a leader when it comes to climate action – setting the country on course to become climate neutral by 2050, with 80% of its energy coming from renewable sources by 2030.


Environmental surveys are planned for 2022 both onshore and offshore to inform the project design and EIA processes. These will investigate shipping activity, seabed habitats and ecology, terrestrial ecology, onshore ground conditions, land use and a host of other aspects of the environment in which the project is situated.

Scoping report

Scoping is the process of identifying the key issues in relation to potential environmental effects of the project and is an opportunity to canvass the views of the local community and key stakeholders. Scoping allows the identification of potential issues at an early stage to inform the need for mitigation to be identified as early as possible. In addition, scoping ensures that EIA is proportionate to the key issues identified for the project.

Consultation process

Consultation with stakeholders and local communities is a key part of the planning and consenting processes. We are actively seeking input; with all comments and opinions provided carefully considered and used to help shape our plans.

Public exhibitions (in person, virtual or hybrid) will be held to introduce and update on the progress of Greystones Offshore Windfarm. The events will also allow our development team to respond to any queries and questions the public may have.



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Supply chain

A major infrastructure development like Greystones Offshore Windfarm brings with it a wealth of opportunity for businesses of all sizes across a wide range of disciplines.

We aim to utilise as many UK based suppliers where reasonably possible during all stages of the development phase. Subject to the relevant consents and a positive Financial Investment Decision, this will ramp up significantly through to the construction phase. There will be further opportunities throughout the long-term operational phase.